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DAFA masonry tape

DAFA masonry tape is used to provide a bond between vapour barriers and masonry. It can also be used as an airtight joint between sills / wall plates and brick / plinths.

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  • Extremely good adhesive properties, even at low temperatures
  • Adheres to all rough surfaces such as concrete, wood, masonry, etc.

A complete system
DAFA masonry tape is used in DAFA's AirStop System and can be used in connection with DAFA's range of accessories.

Technical specifications
Contents per box 5 rolls
Dimensions 25 mm wide, 10 m per roll
Thickness Paper + adhesive approx. 3 mm
Tensile strength DIN EN 1943 (1996 edition) 2 N / 625 mm2
Recommended installation temperature 18º C to 35º C (potentially down to -10º C)
Temperature resistance -40º C to +100º C
Shelf-life Should be stored at room temperature and normal relative humidity (50 – 70 %) One year
Installation Surfaces must be dry and free of dust and oil. From -10º C
DAFA item no. 620013893
EAN no. 5705636340418