Pneumatic nailers

Pneumatic strip nailers
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Pneumatic staplers


Pneumatic screwdrivers
Electric screwdrivers
Bits, magnetic bit holders


Bulk screws
Collated in coil
Collated in strip


For deckings
For facades
For fences
  • HiKOKI Jigsaw blades for wood

    HiKOKI Jigsaw blades for wood

    HITACHI Jigsaw blades for wood. Circles, straight lines, holes and trimming - with Hitachi jigsaw blades you can cut just about any shape anywhere. Hitachi has created a wide range of jigsaw blades for all jobs for use in many types of material and for a huge range of applications. Straight cuts, fine cuts, with minimal splintering at high speed - almost anything is possible.