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Cordless radio HITACHI UR18DSL2 Maximize

HITACHI UR18DSL2 Cordless radio

Frequency band: FM: 87.5 - 108 MHz
Frequency band: AM: 522 - 1620 KHz
Antenna: FM: Rubber antenna
Antenna: AM: Ferrite bar antenna (built-in)
Speaker: 76 mm (8Ω) x 2
Input terminal: AUX IN (ø 3.5mm)
Output terminal: Headphone jack (ø 3.5mm), USB charging jack (5V 1A)
Max available output: 9.6V: 1.4W x 2
12V: 2.2W x 2
14.4V: 3.2W x 2
18V: 5W x 2
Power supply: Slide battery: 14.4V, 18V
Cassette battery: 9.6V, 12V, 14.4V, 18V
Backup Batteries: DC 4.5V, 3 AA Batteries
Household Power Supply: AC 230V (using provided AC adapter)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 278 mm x 184 mm x 303 mm
Weight (without batteries): 3.6 kg
Standard accessories: AC Adapter (DC 12V 850 mA), 3 AA Batteries, Cushion sheet

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  • High performance speakers provide powerful sound
  • The built-in bass reflex structure used for fully-fledged speakers produces deep bass sound
  • Can be used to play a smartphone and a portable music player
  • Can be used to charge a smartphone or a cell phone
  • Equipped with a folding FM rubber antenna
  • Powered by batteries for Hitachi cordless tools and household power supply (AC 230V)
  • The integrated storage case with a handle protects a smartphone or a portable music player from dust
Battery capacityService time
1.3Ah Approx. 7 hours
1.5Ah Approx. 8 hours
2.0Ah Approx. 11 hours
2.5Ah Approx. 14 hours
3.0Ah Approx. 17 hours
3.3Ah Approx. 18 hours
4.0Ah Approx. 22 hours
5.0Ah Approx. 28 hours