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18V Cordless multi tool HITACHI CV18DBL with brushless motor Maximize

HITACHI CV18DBL 18V Cordless multi tool with brushless motor

Oscillation Frequency Standard mode (Dial 1 - 5): 6000 - 20000/min
Oscillation Frequency AUTO Mode (Dial A): 15000 ⇔ 20000/min
Oscillation Angle: 3.2°
Overall Length: 307 mm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Standard Accessories: 2 batteries, charger, sanding papers, blades, tool box, carrying case

More details

Equipped with Hitachi's original AUTO Mode.

It lowers vibration and noise during no-load operation, making blade positioning easier.

  • Dual mode Settings: Standard Mode and AUTO Mode
  • Standard Mode: You can change the oscillation frequency between 6000/min and 20000/min by dial.
  • AUTO Mode: Depending on the workload, the oscillation frequency is changed to 15000/min or 20000/min.

  • Cutting
  • Flush cutting of door jambs
  • Cutting
  • Plunge cutting in plasterboard
  • Cutting
  • Cutting copper (metal) pipes
  • Cutting
  • Flush cutting of screws/nails
  • Grinding
  • Routing joints on tiles

  • Grinding
  • Cutting tiles
  • Sanding
  • Coarse-sanding of wood
  • Scraping
  • Removing mortar/adhesive
  • Scraping
  • Removing sealants
  • Scraping
  • Removing caulk/sealants

  • Sanding
  • Sanding wood
  • Cutting
  • Cutting polystyrene
  • Cutting
  • Cutting soft plastics
  • Grinding
  • Corner cutting
  • Cutting
  • Cutting carpets