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HITACHI Jigsaw blades for wood

Hitachi jigsaw blades are extremely strong and durable, thanks to the use of high quality materials. High Carbon Steel (HCS) is used to cut softer materials such as wood, chipboard, plastic and plastic coated chipboard. The carbon steel is specially selected to produce a saw blade with a long service life. Saw blades that are made from hardened High Speed Steel (HSS), are used to cut harder materials such as metal.

In many cases the jigsaw blade must be highly flexible so that it does not fracture when it bends. For this reason we use a very flexible combination of HCS and HSS - the Bimetallic blades (BiM)

Saw blades made from hard metal (HM/TC) are available for cutting stainless steel, glass fibre reinforced plastics and even tiles. HM/TC saw blades have extremely sharp teeth with high sawing power and an extra long service life.

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Jigsaw blade JW10C

High Carbon Steel

Wood and furniture boards

Laminated boards


Sandwich material

Fine curve cutting

Item No.Bosch equivalentTotal length, mmToothed length, mmWidth, mmThickness, mmPitch, mmTPIMaterialPcs. per package
66750036 T101AO 76.6 54.0 4.7 1.25 Progressive 18 HCSHigh Carbon Steel 5